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Welcome New Alumnus

Congratulations on graduating Brother. As a fellow alumni from Chi Chapter, I want to take
the time to welcome you to the Alumni network and hope that you continue to stay connected
and involved with the chapter. Staying connected with Chi Chapter is something that I have
since my time at UT and I hope that it is something that would be a part of your life as well no
matter the level of involvement.

Giving back to the chapter with time or money to make sure that it grows in the right direction
should be upheld by the Alumni to make sure it will always be there for us to come back and
revisit the places and the people that showed us to be the men of vision.

Austin Alumni Association Tailgate (Fall)
Austin Alumni Association Vs Undergrads Softball Game (Spring)

If you have any questions or if you are a brother who just moved to the Greater Austin Area
and would like to get on the Alumni list server you can contact me at:

Jose Lopez
Cell:  903-372-7729
Chi Chapter: Fall 09 – Phi Class

Donate Directly To The Austin Alumni Association

Your contribution will help us create events and initiatives to connect with and empower the undergraduate chapter.